Asiko Plantain Crisps

Since 1997, Asiko House of Foods Ltd has gone from strength to strength.  It has become the nation’s leading supplier of Asiko plantain crisps and also of  African Foods. 

Further more, Asiko House of Foods is an International company.  It is a leading manufacturer, distributor and exporter of Asiko Plantain crisps. It also distribute other products like  peanuts, dried fish, gari, Nigerian beans, dried herbs, etc. in England. 

Asiko House of  Foods supplies an extensive range of branded and also its own labelled products to customers in Ireland, the UK, Continental Europe, Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

Asiko Plantain Crisps – Plantain Crisps are good for you.

Our Products

Our Plantain Crisps are prepared from carefully selected ripe and unripe, cleaned, matured, plantain within hours of  being harvested, sliced, washed, seasoned, fried and bagged making them crispy and ready for consumption.

We have four range in our Plantain Crisps:

  • Asiko Slightly Salted
  • Asiko Chili Flavour
  • Asiko Naturally Sweet
  • Platanos Green Plantain Stripes

Furthermore, our objectives is to bring the world of exotic plantain crisps from tropical and exotic world to Europe to satisfy the ever sophisticated needs of the general public.

Since we commence business, we have introduced these delicious snacks food products to the European market.  With our natural mixed fruit crisps, plantain crisps, cassava crisps, etc., we believe you should now bid farwell to other none natural snacks.

Our products are produced daily in our state-of-the-art plant, guaranteering their freshness.  We supply wholesale food trade, healthfood trade, supermarkets, cash and carry outlets and retail shops.

With increase demand for these products has resulting in a steady growth.  We are a young, energetic family business and with our hands-on management team, we support our customer 100%, ensuring a good customer service.

We can assure you that your first taste of our delicious exotic crisps and fruit crisps will not be the last.