Asiko House of Foods is now a global manufacturer and distributor of exotic snacks, plantain crisps and African foods, with partners in several countries. However, it started out its life very differently –17 years ago – as a Chartered Accountant in London.  The changed of  direction resulted in the  production of exotic plantain crisps, followed by a  move into other commodity businesses, such as Gari, Smoked fish, African Spicies, etc.

The company undertook a reinvention around 6 years ago, The name Asiko came into being in 2008 (previously it was known as Acorn Foods Ltd).  The new Nigerian name translates well into all languages, and incorporates three words which sum the company – (Time to Eat).

In 2013, the company enter the e-commerce revolution, with where buyers can buy their products electronically online.

In conclusion, Stephen Adedipe, its Chief Executive Officer believes that the trend towards more healthy exotic snacks, plantain crisps and African foods will continue. “Consumers are now looking for more healthy options that do not compromise on taste or flavour.  Today, we are a global company, and the market leader in plantain crisps in the United Kingdom.  We want to continue to develop new products to meet current and future trends and want to continue to extend and strengthen our distribution system to serve all of our customers. For Asiko House of Foods, globalisation means having the ability to service our customers wherever they are in the world.” /